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The Type Center

How to Type

One of the typography classics on the web: David Siegel's Homepage.
Read "Typography the good, bad and ugly", and you know why the fonts you make yourself look the way they look.
Teach Yourself Great Web Design by Anne-Rae Vasquez-Peterson and Paul Chow

Font Foundries

Adobe | Apply
Bertholdtypes | Bitstream
Font Bureau | Fontshop | Fontnet
Hoefler | House Industries
Letraset | Linotype Library
Monotype | Morisawa
P22 | Paratype | PenUltimate | Phil's Fonts | Porchez Typo
[T-26] | Type-O-Tones | The Type Quarry | TypeArt
URW ++

Typographers Dictionary

Here is a small Glossary of Typographic Terms.
A disagreeably facetious Type Glossary
And here is a real large Typesetting and Publishing Glossary.
Look for Bibliographies on Typesetting at the University of Karlsruhe (Germany).
A glossary of typographic terms from Adobe.
The Macintosh is one of the major platforms for high quality DTP. Read about Macronyms and Macintosh jargon.

Museums and Galleries

The Melbourne Museum of Printing
Museum of Printing, Boston
Graphion's Type Museum
abc typography a virtual museum of typography


ATypI: Association Typographique Internationale
type right: fighting for typefaces as creative works and advocates their legal protection as intellectual property


Typofile Magazine
U&lc, an online magazine from ITC.
... see also Type Books' index of periodicals.


Type me, type me not: an interactive Java-Font-Applet


Yahoo Group: Font Maniacs - For compulsive collectors of fonts
Yahoo Group: Typography - Discussion and resource club for typeminds
Yahoo Group (deutsch): Typographix - Schriftschnitte, Satz, Buch und Papier
Typography at about.com


2001 ATypI conference: Copenhagen, 20 to 23 September 2001.
Typo-Berlin 2002: Berlin, 9 to 11 May 2002.
2002 ATypI conference: Rome, 19 to 22 September 2002.

Worth a Visit

Sarabande's typographic history area: Lucian Bernhard's Magnet Types and Sarabande's Paper Textures
The International Center for Font Technology and Aesthetics
Have a look at this Thesis with a chapter on Typography.
Paul Baker Typography: Typesetting for the Internet
Dennis Palumbos Fonts
Point Central

Books about Typography

Type Books for the well-read typographer

Personal Typo Homes

Luc Devroye's Homepage On snot and fonts.


Apple's beautyful typography homepage
Microsoft's typography homepage
FontLab: font makers utilities
The Fontsite: digital typography and design. Read the "Rules of Typography" section.


... needs new entries.

Other Lists of Pointers

Of course, this list is not complete. Look here for further reading.
Graphion's Links
Open Directory (dmoz): Typography
Yahoo: Typefaces & Typography
The Internet Type Foundry Index

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